Managers unhappy with postponement

Liverpool boss Rafael Benitez and his opposite number Arsene Wenger both voiced their displeasure at the decision to postpone tonight's Carling Cup clash at Anfield.

Liverpool and Arsenal were set to play the first of their two cup fixtures at Anfield tonight but with the game being called off they'll not be unlikely to play it until after their FA Cup 3rd round clash also at Anfield next month.

Rafa says that he and Wenger felt the fog wasn't bad enough to warrant a postponement: "In the opinions of myself and Arsene, it was possible to play this game. We must respect the referee's decision but we don't agree with it. In these conditions we could have played. The referee said to us that he had difficulty seeing both corners of the pitch and that it could be difficult for his assistants."

Rafa pointed out that this postponement is going to cause a bit of a fixture pile-up, but has a suggestion on how to reduce the number of games: "We have a problem now because if we draw against Arsenal in the FA Cup then when are we going to play this game? Maybe we can play for both Cups in one game!"

The Liverpool boss also acknowledged how disappointed the fans would be at the cancellation: "A lot of people were looking forward to this game and it's really difficult to explain why it was called off."

Wenger said that the two bosses had tried to persuade the referee to reconsider, but their pleas had fallen on deaf ears: "I'm disappointed because we wanted to play and so did Liverpool. Unfortunately we weren't able to influence the decision of the referee, even though we tried."

The heavy fog had also caused travel disruption though, meaning many fans wouldn't have been able to attend the game. Those due to arrive by plane had seen their flights cancelled, others arriving by road had been caught up in heavy traffic and would have been struggling to arrive on time for kick-off.