Stop the BBC from employing a malicious liar

You may have read elsewhere recently that Kelvin MacKenzie,
editor of The S*n at the time of the Hillsborough disaster and the
"man" responsible for those despicable lies printed under the
headline screaming "The Truth", said he still wasn't sorry for those
lies he peddled.

He claimed he only apologised after the disaster because he
was made to. Even by the low standards that have always been set by the likes
of The S*n, he is a disgrace.

We decided not to report the story on here because it was quite
widely reported elsewhere, especially in the Liverpool Echo and Daily Post, and
felt that MacKenzie probably gets off on all this publicity. He seems to enjoy
hurting people.

The S*n have recently decided to re-employ him, proving
their shallow and half-hearted apology following on from criticism of Wayne
Rooney's exclusive with them was nothing more than another sham.

Now, after a summer of being forced to read complaint after
complaint about employing MacKenzie, the BBC have decided to give him a show on
Christmas day. They think it's acceptable to use public money to employ a
self-confessed liar who seems to enjoy hurting the public who'll be paying him
for that day's work. The show is to be broadcast on Five Live.

He pulled out of Question Time last night after hearing that
some Liverpool supporters would be in the
audience. He is not just a liar, but a cowardly one too.

If you are a Red for some reason unfamiliar with why we
boycott The S*n and despise its chief liar of the day, Kelvin MacKenzie, please
read the article "Don't Buy the Sun" from the links on the left. You
should never, as a Red, ever read or buy that rag.

An online petition has been started to try and persuade the
BBC to re-think their decision to employ this liar. Please take less than a
minute to sign it – you can find it at

Although it takes more than a minute, you can also raise a
complaint on the BBC's website at:

Another alternative is to write to Points of View by
emailing or you can telephone
them on 0870 908 3199.