Kenny: Brilliant Moores acting for good of LFC

Liverpool legend – and I don't use that word lightly in his case – Kenny Dalglish has sent a message to supporters that Liverpool are being sold to the right people for the right reasons. Liverpool look set to be taken over by DIC in a deal said to be worth over £400m and some Reds have been concerned that this signals the end of Liverpool as we know it.

Kenny says that David Moores would not be even considering selling the club to DIC if he didn't think it was in the club's best interests. He said: "Fans will be seeking a wee bit of comfort at the moment, but I believe they can rest assured that David Moores would not be selling it to anyone unless he was absolutely convinced they were the right sort of people and it was the right thing to do. He will be acting in the best interests of Liverpool Football Club – not himself. You can be sure of that."

Kenny's time as manager came to an end before David Moores became chairman, but his close ties to the club have remained all along, and he knows first-hand just how important Moores has been to the club: "I have said before that he has been a brilliant chairman for the club and as far as I'm concerned the supporters can trust his judgement on this. He has supported all of the managers he has had and put his hand in his pocket to provide them with the money for players they wanted. But because he is quiet and doesn't seek the limelight, he doesn't get the plaudits he deserves."

Kenny says he'd like to see Moore and chief executive Rick Parry kept involved in the running of the club to help the transition run smoothly: "I think it is really important for anyone coming in that David Moores and Rick Parry would be staying there to provide that stability."

With Moores preferring to stay out of the limelight it has been Rick Parry who has been seen to be doing the work of finding an investor, with frequent flights to find the right person. Kenny says Parry also wouldn't want to see the club fall into the wrong hands: "If Rick Parry, like the chairman, thinks this is the right deal then it will be right. Obviously the club needs funds for a new stadium and this would provide the funds for it. The new owners will also know that Liverpool have a great man at the helm in Rafa Benitez."

And he had a message for the potential new owners: "They will be buying a great club – one which is ready made to be taken forward smoothly."