Xabi: Happy with investment news – but don’t forget traditions

Liverpool midfielder Xabi Alonso has revealed that the squad are delighted with the news that DIC are set to bring investment to Anfield. If the deal goes ahead it will bring new funds for the new stadium plus money to spend on the pitch. Xabi said: “The investment seems very close now, and we are all really happy about it. It looks like they will bring good things to the club, and money to help develop the club. That can only be good for us. They seem to have positive plans, like making sure the new stadium is built and providing funds for strengthening the team.”

What is important to Xabi is that they do things the way that Liverpool fans would expect: “It should enable us to take the next step forward, but it has to be done in the right way. Liverpool have always had respect for their traditions, and that should continue. You notice how proud everyone is here of all the years they have played for the club and won things. It would be great to develop the team with this investment but also to respect Liverpool's great tradition.”

Like his boss Rafael Benítez, Xabi is enormously respectful of the traditions at the club, traditions he came to recognise very quickly: “I have only been here a couple of years, but I have seen how everyone is so proud of the history and tradition. The club tries to maintain that, and I hope it will continue to be the case. We must respect that; that is very important. You can think about the future, but it is important, also, not to forget about the past. Don't forget all the tradition here. This club must not be allowed to lose its identity.”

So, like many (if not all) Reds, Xabi feels this investment deal would be ideal for Liverpool FC. Liverpool need it to move forward, and it seems this deal can be – but must be – done without rewriting the club’s values: “This is a great club, and we need to look at the best ways of moving forward. If we can get that balance right, it will benefit everyone, the players, the club and the supporters.”