Evans: Bellamy deserves Welsh captaincy

Liverpool striker Craig Bellamy was awarded the captaincy of Wales by coach Mark Hughes earlier in the week and according to Roy Evans he thoroughly deserves it.

Roy is now the Welsh number two but still has close ties to Anfield after serving for so many years at the club, literally as “man and boy”, ending up as manager. He now wants people to stop harping back to Craig's younger days and the trouble he tended to find himself in, particularly at Newcastle: “Let's not dwell on things from the past. Craig should be remembered as a great player, so it's a little sad that we have to talk about this other business. There is no doubt he did get into some trouble, that's well known, but you cannot hold that against him for the rest of his career.”

Evans is number two at Wales to another of those many names to have served Liverpool so well in the past, John Toshack. Evans says he and Toshack are sure they've got it right by giving him the armband in the absence of Ryan Giggs and his hamstrings: “He has started to do the right things and we believe he will be a good captain for us. Mark Hughes had no problem with him, and neither has John Toshack. If people can't handle a fiery character, then you have a problem. The only thing you must do is make sure they are not disruptive to the squad. But in my time with Wales he has never been a problem.”

Bellamy is renowned as a “moaner” and always has been, but that's not necessarily a problem in itself. He moans on the field because he wants success: “The only thing he wants to do is play and win. He likes a moan but he's not the first player to be partial to one of those. I have no problem with him being captain; it's a prestigious thing to skipper your country.”

Evans says that Bellamy is proud to play for his country and will be even prouder with the job he's now been given: “It's about passion. His passion for Wales is phenomenal, and his passion for playing.”

Roy also confirmed that Bellamy is impressing staff at Anfield with his attitude, proving that any doubts over his temperament weren't necessary: “There is an extra responsibility and he is a much more mature person than he was and I know Liverpool are delighted with him, his attitude in training. Craig is one of the most enthusiastic players you can meet. He is passionate about his country and passionate about his football. The captaincy is a good decision; it's another of John's surprises.”