Parry: “We’ll see” about more signings

Rick Parry was speaking to Sky Sports about the Champions League Draw tonight, and the reporter started off by asking what he thought of that draw. Rick said: “We have fond memories of a trip to Istanbul, and of course we’ve been to Galatasaray not too long ago. PSV and Bordeaux are a little bit of an unknown for us, we’ve not played them in recent years, but it’s OK.”

The reporter suggested that avoiding the likes of Celtic amongst others meant it was quite a favourable draw, but Parry didn’t agree: “Celtic would have been fine – I don’t think there’s any such thing as  a favourable draw, none of the groups is that easy. Turkey’s a long way, but we’ve avoided the Eastern European trips so it’s OK.”

That trip to Turkey to face Galatasaray was compared by the reporter to the famous night in 2005 when the Reds won this trophy for the fifth time, with the suggestion that it will bring back special memories. Rick smiled, saying: “Absolutely – yes that’s one that won’t be forgotten for a very very long time, but as I say, we’ve also been to Galatasaray in the recent past, so we’ve decent memories of that trip as well. So, yes – we’re looking forward to it.”

The Reds got through against Haifa on Tuesday night, a tense time for supporters and of course for Parry: “Absolutely. Of course it was a little tense at time but fantastic to be here so we’re happy with whoever we draw.”

Rick Parry had suggested that the Reds had already spent the money that comes from being in the group stages before it was assured they’d be there, and so he was asked if Liverpool had been gambling, and if the summer spending spree was funded by this money or would it go towards the next round of transfer: “It’s elements of a gamble, we budget for success, we budget for being in  the group stage, so of course that’s helped to fuel the summer spending. So that doesn’t come into the pot on top, it’s already been spent. Group stage is where we’ve got to be year on year if we are going to be successful.”

He was also asked what he thought of the transfer fees Liverpool had ultimately been forced to spend on the new signings: “We’re happy with the players that we’ve got, we don’t think the fees are excessive in the current market, we’re very very happy with all the additions to the squad this year, stronger than last year were really looking forward to the new season.”

Finally the reporter asked Rick whether there would be ant more new signings: “We’ll see,” said Parry, surprising the reporter who pointed out that this wasn’t a denial: “It’s not a denial no, you never say never in football.”

With that the interview ended, Parry leaving everyone wondering how many more players they were trying to sign.