González: I’ll not wear Chile shirt again

After falling out with the Chilean national coach Nelson Acosta Liverpool winger Mark González claims he’s now retired from international football – at the age of 21.

Mark is still to make his Liverpool debut due to stringent work permit requirements, but Liverpool fans are desperate to see him line up on the left in a Red shirt. He performed well for Real Sociedad when on loan there for the second half of last season, playing in important role in them being saved from relegation. 

The issue with the national team revolves around an incident in the team hotel during their stay in Ireland last month. He was allegedly caught with girls in his room and although he says they were only getting autographs, the coach decided to send him straight home.

Reports say González spoke to Radio Cooperativa in Chile about the situation, saying: “I am not going to continue. I am not going to wear the national shirt again. Now the only thing I am thinking of is to keep doing my work in England. All that has been said about me during the national team’s European tour has hurt me a lot. Now it’s over and I don’t want to talk anymore about what happened.”

A decision on his work permit is expected by the end of next week.