Keep fighting against The Sun

The BBC have seen fit to reward Kelvin MacKenzie’s performance as a past editor of the lie-infested Sun newspaper with a spot on their licence-fee funded radio network. This is obviously a cause of concern to Liverpool fans, in light of the lies the Sun printed about Liverpool Football Club in 1989. For more on that read “Don’t Buy the Sun” from the links to the left.

A few internet forums have featured details of ways to complain to the BBC about the situation, along with updates of any replies they’ve received. Rather than us repeating the same information, it’s better we supply you with a couple of the forums that are featuring this information.
Red and White Kop and The Liverpool Way.

Now we would think that, except perhaps for some younger Liverpool fans, it would be pretty obvious that buying or reading The Sun is wrong and feels wrong for any Liverpool fan. To buy it is an insult to those ninety-six fans who died, and to their families and friends. It is an insult to fans who were there too. To visit their website is just an alternative way of carrying out the insult, as is quoting something as trivial as transfer gossip from them. We’ve had emails to this site from fans of other clubs who agree with and understand our boycott of The Sun. So we were extremely disappointed to find that a certain other so-called Liverpool website finds the boycott of The Sun to be childish, in fact “pathetic” was one word used.

Boycott Koptalk ImageWe came across this thanks to a blog that’s been set up by one of their disgruntled members. We’ve checked the blog’s claims and they are certainly talking about some genuine posts that appeared on the forum from the website owner himself. We rarely read the other site to be honest, pretty much because of the reasons found in earlier posts on that blog, but we want to lend our support to their call for a boycott of that site. The site is Koptalk, and we say that you should avoid visiting that site at all costs due to their Sun sympathies.

For more on what was said by the Koptalk editor, Duncan Oldham from Scarborough / Newcastle, see: Boycott Koptalk and Locked Thread, two posts from the blog we mentioned.

It’s important that The Sun and Kelvin MacKenzie aren’t allowed to get away with the lies they peddled 17 years ago. Remember – there has never been an apology for the lies.