Momo will be back say Reds midfielders

Momo Sissoko’s fellow team-mates are thinking about him as he starts the road to recovery from the eye injury he suffered in Portugal last week. Sissoko could be back before the end of the season although there’s still some way to go before the full extent of the damage will be known. So far so good, medical specialists reporting they are pleased with his progress and he’s been able to read sight charts with his sore eye.

Liverpool are glad to have had Dietmar Hamann available to call on with Momo being unavailable, and Didi said it was tough to leave the Mali international behind when they were leaving Portugal: “He’s a great young player, improving all the time at Liverpool and I’m sure he’ll recover as soon as possible and be back fighting for every ball in midfield. He was actually in the dressing room at half time being treated but we had a lot to talk about and so weren’t able to do much except tell him to keep his chin up. It was arriving at the airport knowing that we were leaving somebody behind when it struck us how bad the injury must be.”

Speaking to Liverpool’s official weekly magazine, LFC, Didi said: “We went over there with a full squad and we wanted to leave with a full squad. That’s how it is here. We win, lose and draw as a team and we fight as a team. You never like leaving anybody behind. He has everyone’s support at the club and we are all thinking about him and hoping he makes a full recovery.”

Fellow midfielder and captain Steven Gerrard says that the injury has
made him think a little about how quickly a great career can come to an
end: “It makes you realise you need to look after yourself and be
careful when you are out there. An incident like that can end your
career if you are very unlucky. The news we have had on Momo this week
has been very good and we are hoping to have him back before the end of
the season.”

Speaking on international duty ahead of tonight’s England game at
Anfield, Gerrard was in a reflective mood: “As a player, it is
incidents like that which make you realise how short your career
actually can be, just given one small incident like that. You have got
to make the most of it, enjoy it. You do not know what is around the
corner. So you have got to go out there and enjoy every game.”