Parry: Momo is with the best doctors

Rick Parry today tried to bring some perspective to Momo Sissoko’s injury situation. Sissoko sustained damage to the retina in his right eye during the Champions League tie against Benfica on Tuesday, prompting reports that the Malian midfielder could be forced to quit the game and could lose the sight in the eye. What Parry, Liverpool’s chief executive tried to explain was that at this stage there was no way of being sure exactly what the long-term situation was, and so it was better to be optimistic that he’d make a full recovery: “We don’t want to sound too pessimistic because it’s too early to tell. What Momo needs right now is our support and the best care he can get.”

According to Parry, the inflammation and swelling around the injured eye mean that medical staff haven’t really been able to get to the eye to find out how bad it is: “His right eye is closed down and it’s been difficult to assess the damage because of the swelling and bleeding.” Momo had a CT scan in Portugal in an attempt to try and see the extent of the injury. Parry says that talk of Momo’s career being over is premature: “It’s too early to jump to conclusions. Obviously this is a very traumatic time for Momo and the club is in constant contact with his family and representatives. It’s a very nasty injury.”

Momo was instantly missed by the Liverpool side as soon as he left the pitch on Tuesday, a testament to just how well the player – still only 21 – has settled into his role. Liverpool obviously want to see the player back on the field again as soon as possible, but more important is the welfare of the player himself. He needs the best treatment available to him, and as expected, Liverpool have ensured that Sissoko is being seen by the best, as Parry explained: “He’s now in London being treated by the best specialists in the country.”