FA find Neville guilty

Gary Neville’s over-the-top celebrations after Manchester United got their winner against Liverpool last month have seen him found guilty of improper conduct by the FA. Neville ran to the opposite end of the pitch to show Liverpool fans just what he thought of them, trying to kiss his badge (but missing) and acting like he might have done had he just won the FA Cup. He can’t win the FA Cup this season though of course, after Liverpool knocked his side out on Saturday at Anfield.

Neville’s actions were widely condemned by all but the usual United apologists, and added to the tensions in the lead-up to Saturday’s FA Cup fixture. Neville was unsurprisingly the subject of some chants from the Liverpool fans that his mother wouldn’t like to hear, and also had a burger thrown to him for some bizarre reason. Steven Gerrard was pelted with coins by United supporters early on in the game when he went to take a corner at the Anfield Road end.

Neville’s punishment was meaningless, as long as he doesn’t act in that way again. The FA have clearly told him that his actions were wrong, but accepted his reasons that he was overtaken by the moment. He was fined £5,000 and warned to his future conduct, the FA making it clear that he’ll not be able to do it again and use the same excuses.

FA Statement: “At a Disciplinary Commission hearing today, Manchester United defender Gary Neville was found guilty of improper conduct. He was warned as to his future conduct and fined £5,000.”