Reds up against history in FA Cup.

According to Henry Winter from the Times, Liverpool’s chances of beating Manchester United today are extremely slim – if history is to be believed. Winter points out how Liverpool have not beaten United at Anfield since the nineteenth century in this competition, and it’s still a long time since they beat the enemy at all in this cup. Winter writes:

“The last time Manchester United lost at Anfield in the FA Cup, Queen Victoria was not amused. It was 108 years ago and United were in their early Newton Heath guise. Liverpool have overcome United in the Cup at Old Trafford, but that was when Lloyd George was at No 10, not Luis Garcia. It is just as well that Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher love a challenge because they are fighting history today.

“United have vanquished Liverpool in all seven ties since the Olympics were last in London, with six of the wins leading to Wembley finals, five of which were won.

“Charlie Mitten and company destroyed Liverpool in 1948, at Goodison.
Bobby Charlton rifled in two classics at Anfield in 1960. Liverpool’s
dream of the 1977 Treble was ruined by Jimmy Greenhoff, who hurt them
again two years later. And in 1985, Bryan Robson orchestrated even more
misery for Liverpool.

“Eric Cantona brilliantly settled a humdrum 1996 final while late
fourth-round swoops from Dwight Yorke and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in 1999
silenced Liverpool. They will hope today’s passion play is not shaped
by the past.”

From the Times website

(Of course records are there to be broken.)