Fowler chuffed to bits to be Red again

Robbie Fowler was interviewed by the official LFC website straight after re-signing for the European Champions and it was impossible for him to hide his delight. It sounded like he couldn’t sign quickly enough: “It hasn’t sunk in yet. Just to travel back to Anfield was great and to actually get into the office and obviously put pen to paper was something that I have wanted to happen for a long time. Honest to God, I’m so happy it’s frightening! I’m just so chuffed – that’s all I can say.”
Fowler was practically forced out by the previous management team at Anfield, at least according to him and most people who were around the club at that time. He was asked if he thought he’d ever get a chance to play for the Reds again: “Probably if I’m honest, no. Obviously since I have left, deep down, I have always wanted to come back and it has been a long time but I’m glad to say I’m back now.”
Fowler also spoke about how disappointing it was not to say goodbye to the fans properly last time: “That was probably one of my biggest regrets in football. The fact is when I did leave I played against Sunderland and I got taken off at half-time. I never got a proper chance to say good-bye. It will be nice to get back out at Anfield wearing the red shirt again. Just to walk back out of the tunnel will be amazing.”

Fowler of course is one of the famous Reds that supported the wrong
team as a youngster. Like Jamie Carragher and former striker Michael
Owen, it was Everton that he supported before he saw sense. As Robbie
says though, joining the right club as a youngster ensures you grow up
supporting a decent team: “It’s always been a club close to my heart. I
grew up supporting the other side but ever since I came to Liverpool
when I was 11, I grew very close to everyone involved with the club.
You put on the red shirt again and it’s just an amazing feeling and I’m
glad I’m going to get that opportunity again.”
Robbie also had a lot of praise for his former boss Stuart Pearce, who
knew how Robbie felt and did all he could to help the player’s dream
move come off: “He has been very, very good. When I was aware of a
little bit of interest from Liverpool, I wanted it to happen more than
anyone and Stuart Pearce was very good. He could understand where I was
coming from and he did help me getting back to Liverpool.”
Fowler says he’s looking forward to playing under Rafa: “Obviously I
haven’t played under him before but results within the past year have
been fantastic. I’ve heard nothing but good reports from everyone
involved in the club – from players to supporters. It’s something I am
excited about. Honest to God, I’m chuffed to bits. I mean, I can’t
really believe it’s happened again so I’m ecstatic to be honest.”