Cisse and Rafa agree – the lord is staying

There was further confirmation today that Liverpool FC’s very own lord is going nowhere after the player himself told Sky Sports News that the speculation is nonsense. The Lord of the Manor of Frodsham, striker Djibril Cisse, told the satellite channel that he is completely happy with Anfield life, and bored of the talk of him going to Marseille.

The speculation increased when Cisse’s own brother told Marseille l’Hebdo that a move to Marseille was looking extremely likely. However Cisse, who got married in England this summer, says he’s annoyed with his brother: “I’m really disappointed of him to be honest and that’s all. I just want to make myself clear. I am in Liverpool and I’m going to stay in Liverpool.”

As far as Cisse is concerned there’s no reason for him to leave: “I don’t want to leave after two seasons. I don’t know why I’m going to leave. The Liverpool fans are amazing, the club is amazing. We have a good team, a good manager and everything is okay. I don’t know why I’m going to leave.”

As for the destination of his constantly rumoured move, that makes it all the more irritating: “I’m really fed up with all this speculation on me. I’m going to move to Marseille, it’s always Marseille, and it starts to be boring. Like I said before – I’m really disappointed with my brother.”

Reds boss Rafa Benitez confirmed that the talk regarding a move back to France for Djibril was nonsense. He says it seems to be a trend with Marseille: “They are always talking but they don’t talk with us. There is no news and we don’t want to sell Djib.”

Rafa says his goal and performance in the derby showed his value to Liverpool: “He is a very important player for us who has shown the kind of attitude I like in players. He’s a good finisher and against Everton I knew his pace would give us options.”

Cisse will get more opportunities in the first team over the next fortnight due to Spanish striker Fernando Morientes suffering a knee injury. The Spaniard suffered the injury on Wednesday in the derby match that saw Everton end the game with nine men.