Kraft likes the Liverpool “brand”.

Robert Kraft was asked last night about his intentions towards Liverpool. Speculation that he’s about to make a bid for some kind of financial involvement with Liverpool increased after he invited Rick Parry over to see his American Football and "proper" football teams play the weekend before last. Speaking to BBC’s Five Live, Kraft said, "All I can say about Liverpool is it’s a great brand and it’s something our family respects a lot. We’re happy to have them come visit us."

Reds Chief Executive Parry was accompanied by other Liverpool officials, and claimed that the reason behind the meeting was to discuss how the Kraft family had gone about funding the stadium they built for their teams. It certainly does seem viable though that Kraft would like to invest in the European Champions, and Kraft did not rule it out: "We love the sport of soccer and we’re always interested in opportunities and growing, so you never know what can happen."