New Liverpool kit in the pipeline

After a lot of rumours have been circulating on the Internet, we now have confirmation from official sources that Liverpool will be issuing a new kit for the Champions League group stages – if they qualify.

Success for Liverpool in the second leg of their Champions League qualifier will see the European Champions wearing the brand-new kit from the group stages onwards. The Reds are 3-1 up from the away first leg against CSKA Sofia, with the return to be played at Anfield on August 23rd.

This is the final hurdle in Liverpool’s six-game qualifying run, and although Liverpool are favourites to go through, the club would not show disrespect to their opponents by suggesting it’s a foregone conclusion. Once the Reds are through the new kit will be announced.

Liverpool’s plans to wear the European Cup "badge of honour" for all games seems to have gone by the wayside – the new badge will only be available on the new Champions League kit, and will not be sold separately. This goes against what we were told after the glory of Istanbul, when it was announced that the Reds would wear the badges for all games. 

We’ve not yet heard the official line on why the "badge of honour" won’t be worn, but it has been suggested that other Premiership clubs were unhappy about the Reds wearing this on their kits.

Although we have heard from official sources that the Reds will bring out a new kit, we’ve not been given any official word on what the new kit will look like. It will be Red, there’s no doubt about that as it will be a "home" kit, but other than that we have not been told any more.

The picture to the right is one that has been circulating, but may be a fake – so don’t be too critical just yet!