Figo deal nears conclusion

Liverpool’s attempts to bring Portugese star Luis Figo to Anfield look likely to reach a successful conclusion in the next few days.

Liverpool had already agreed terms with the player last month, when Real Madrid changed their minds on what they required by way of a transfer fee. Liverpool had negotiated with Figo based on a free-transfer, Real Madrid demanded £2million.  Liverpool refused to budge, so Real brought Inter Milan into the equation.

Figo’s lack of enthusiasm to move to Inter meant that Real had to give in and drop their demands for a transfer fee, but there is still one obstacle. Figo would be due to get around £4.5million in wages if he were to stay with Madrid, and he wants a pay-off that bridges the gap between that payment and the wages he’ll get from the Reds. The difference is believed to be around £2million, which is why Real were asking for that amount as a transfer fee.

Real are expected to accept the situation by the end of the week, and an agreement should be made in time for the former World Football of the Year to join the European Champions well before the start of the Premiership season.