Cheer up. Du the Dudek.

Feeling down? Angry? Upset? Disappointed? Don’t be. Forget about the departure of Steven Gerrard. Instead remember the glory of May 25th in Istanbul.

My strongest memory is of Carragher running towards Jerzy Dudek after the final penalty. Both players, arms open, ready to embrace. Until Carragher did a quick sidestep and ran towards the fans instead!

Liverpool signed a new goalkeeper yesterday, and he’s expected to become Liverpool’s number one, but that doesn’t stop Dudek. He’s ready to fight for his place. And after his performance in Turkey, it’s something he’s every chance of retaining.

The Trophy Boyz are a group of Liverpool fans who are talented enough to write, record and mix a single, and that’s what they did when they wrote "Du the Dudek".

Liverpool are Champions of Europe. The single is out in time for the school holidays. In time for the summer barbecues and a chance to annoy your neighbouring fans of other clubs. It’s actually amazingly catchy – the more you hear it the more you sing it.

The single is due to be released on July 18th, and is already available to pre-order. There will actually be two versions of the single out. It’s also available for download or as a ring-tone. Go to the official Du The Dudek website at for more information and the latest news. Look out for the special mix that includes commentary from the game. You can even watch the video.

Buy the single as another piece of memorabilia to help you look back at a night that you will remember much longer than you’ll remember the events of today.

By the way – the screenshot of the website has a strategically placed copy of the single to hide a picture of a certain midfielder we’d rather not see right now…