Gerrard looks forward

Steven Gerrard says that he’s ready and waiting to start talks over his new Liverpool contract. He spoke to Sky Sports News from a charity golf event about the plans for the talks over summer:  "There are talks that are going to be happening at the end of June and
beginning of July. The ball is in Liverpool’s court now. I’m ready to
talk and waiting for them to give me the nod where and when myself and
my advisers need to be."

He reporter asked him if he’s planning to stay at Anfield:  "Of course, yes, I’ve still got two years left. We haven’t spoken
about a new contract yet and I don’t know how long those talks will go
on for. But the sooner they start the better because I want my future
sorted before the start of the season."

Gerrard was looking forward to meeting some new team-mates before the season kicks off: 

"I’m sure changes will be made. The manager has said that and
there has been a lot of speculation in the papers, so I am sure new
faces will be added to the squad. Players leaving happens at every club
and I am looking forward to seeing a fresh squad when I link back up."

Gerrare isn’t phased by the earlier-than-expected start to Liverpool’s competitive season – a season that for him could last almost a full year: 

"UEFA have made the right decision. The competition is called the
Champions League and it’s important that the champions are able to
defend their title. It’s going to be a long season but I am looking
forward to it. Last season ended on a fantastic note. We won the big one
but that’s forgotten about now. We now have to improve in the
Premiership and put more trophies back in the cabinet."