Raul won’t come to play in England

Raul of RealThe Daily Mirror and Daily Express both ran exclusives last week
claiming Real Madrid striker Raul was on his way to Anfield. The report
used quotes from Raul where he talked about the possibility of leaving
Real, but didn’t have any quotes from the player about where he’d be
going to.

According to the reports Raul had visited Liverpool four times recently, mainly to meet up with his friend Fernando Morientes, but also visited Anfield and Melwood.

Raul has now been quoted on his thoughts about a move to Liverpool – he’s no interest in it whatsoever. He said: “I’m not thinking about playing in England. My future is in the Spanish league. It would be very complicated for me to go there.”

Raul spoke last week of wanting whatever was best for the club he joined as a seventeen-year-old: "After 11 years here I want what’s best for the club. If at some time I
have to sacrifice myself in order for the team to progress, then I will
do. If the club calls you up and says you have to go, then as a player
you have to be prepared to look for a way out that benefits everyone.
If I listen to the polls in some papers, it looks as though I should
leave now. I still feel useful to the club and believe I haven’t
reached my peak, but I don’t want to be in the way. All I want is for
the club to be clear with me."

Liverpool are no doubt looking at strikers Peter Crouch and Dirk Kuyt have been heavily linked recently. Milan Baros looks unlikely to stay, with interest across Europe for the Czech international.