Du the Dudek

Hero DudekSummer’s here – you can tell it is because the paper’s all keep talking about cricket, and in a couple of week’s time everyone you work with will suddenly become tennis players for two weeks. No football to speak of anywhere. It’s also raining or overcast every day, but that’s how we like it in England.

Just because it’s summer though we don’t want to forget how Liverpool are the Champions of Europe. We don’t want to let anyone forget. Well there’s another way to remind people, and it’s thanks to the fact it’s summer. Summer is a time to let everyone else know what music you like. And this summer the song you should be playing is Du the Dudek by the Trophy Boyz.

My own honest opinion? It’s a real summer record. It’s the sort of song that when you hear it once or twice you’re singing it for a while afterwards. It’s catchy. And that will be of great benefit if you are playing it on the beach this summer, from your stereo at home when you have a barbecue, or in the car when you’re sat in a traffic jam on the way to a theme park. If you’ve got kids then there’s nothing better to play at their birthday party – sending all their little Evertonian mates back home singing this to Dad is worth the cost of downloading the single.

This song isn’t in keeping with my own normal tastes in music, but I like it. Listen to the words, and you’ll know why.

It’s the first song I’ve heard that celebrates what happened that night in Istanbul. As the press release says, that victory was "a truly 21st Century David vs Goliath rematch that filled the nation with pride."  We know that the nation were pleased with the success of the Reds that night thanks to some of the emails we’ve had and some of the people we’ve spoken to.

The artists in question, the Trophy Boyz, are lifelong Liverpool fans, and got together to immortalise what will no doubt be one of the longest-lasting memories of the glorious night. The movement by Dudek as he faced each penalty taker. Under instruction from Jamie Carragher, who told him to do what Brucie did in 1984.

We’d already seen Liverpool come back from 3-0 down. We’d seen a Gerrard header, a Vladi long distance goal and a rebounded penalty goal from Xabi put us level.

If you want to hear the song, you can go to Karma Download http://www.karmadownload.com/artist/?21125 – scroll down and there’s an option that allows you to listen to a sample of it for free. Listen to it a few times and you’ll be singing it – seriously.

If you do like it then you can also download it from there.

If you want to buy the song as a ringtone (better than that darn frog) then you can text LIVERPOOL to 81330. We’re told it costs £3.00 for the ringtone.

The Trophy Boyz. (Back Row L-R) Dudek, Dudek, Dudek. Front Row (seated) Dudek.