Baros says he’s happy whether he stays or goes

Milan Baros confirmed again that Valencia have been approaching him with a view to taking him to Spain next season – although he said they aren’t the only club interested: "There is an offer from Valencia, some other clubs are also interested and there is also a possibility that I will stay in Liverpool. To tell the truth, I would be glad to go to Valencia, but equally glad to stay in Liverpool. So we will see."

A long list of clubs have been reported as showing interest in the player, and although Liverpool haven’t said publically they will be letting him go, they are expected to replace him – although it’s not yet clear who with.

Baros was speaking to the Czech newspaper Sport and also enthused about Thursday’s trip around Liverpool in an open-top bus, as an estimated one million people came out onto the streets to cheer on the European Champions. He said,  "I have never experienced anything like this and I will never experience it again. It was something fantastic."