Taunted Reds fans jailed

A judge today sent three Liverpool supporters to jail for their part in violence at a Carling Cup game earlier in the season.

The incident occurred at the home of Millwall – The New Den – on October 26 last year. The violence was in response to dispicable taunts from the Millwall supporters toward Liverpool’s support in general.

The chants from the Millwall supporters were "You should have died too" in relation to the Hillsborough disaster.

As well as being jailed for three months, the three Liverpool fans were banned from Anfield for six years by the judge. Two other Liverpool fans were banned from Anfield for three years, but did not receive a jail sentence. The judge also jailed and banned three Millwall fans.

Judge Alan Hitching said that there was no excuse for football violence – but he said he did appreciate that the Liverpool supporters would have been incensed by the Millwall chanting. 

The court was shown footage from CCTV camers, showing Liverpool fans Gary Ward, James Gallway, Anthony Presance, Mark Jeffrey and James McNally getting involved in the violence. This had broken out after another Liverpool supporter – James Harrison –  had been chased and punched by the Millwall supporters.

Gallway, 27, from Anfield, threw a bottle, hitting a police officer on the head – he was one of those jailed for three years. Also jailed were McNally, 24, also from Anfield, and Presance, 41 from Dingle. The three were banned from Anfield for six years.

The two other Liverpool fans that were banned from Anfield for three years were Jeffrey, 39, from Bournemouth –  who was also given a three-month curfew order from 7pm to 7am –  and Ward, 23, from Anfield, who was given 120 hours’ community punishment.

John Upton, defending Jeffrey, told the court: "My client was actually at Hillsborough. In some ways, that is still with him."

The three Millwall fans were jailed for three months and banned from The New Den for six years – Shane Woodbridge, 20, Scott Shepherd, 21, and Michael Nash, 22.

All eight men admitted threatening behaviour.

Harrison, 19, from Kirkdale, had already been sentenced to a 240-hour community punishment order on February 9th after pleading guilty to affray.