Official: FA will refuse to nominate Liverpool for Champions League

The FA tonight announced that they would not exercise their right to nominate Liverpool for next season’s Champions League should they win the competition.

The National Association of any club that wins the Champions League competition must nominate that team to enter the competition the following year. This is regardless of the number of places that country has in the competition from league positions. In the event of that country already having four places in the competition, the fourth team are entered into the UEFA Cup instead.

Liverpool are keeping quiet on the issue, as of course they have not yet won the competition!

Full FA Statement:

"The FA confirmed today that the top four teams in the Premiership at the end of the season will enter next season’s UEFA Champions League.

The decision follows a recommendation from this afternoon’s Professional Game Board meeting, which has been endorsed by The FA Main Board. This will not be changed whatever the outcome of Liverpool’s Champions League Final in Istanbul on 25 May.

However, The FA also believes that if Liverpool win in Istanbul and do not finish in the top four in the Premiership, an extra place should be allocated to them in the Champions League next season.

This is ultimately a matter for UEFA, but The FA will continue to make representations on this issue at the highest level."