Xabi forgives Frank

Liverpool’s Xabi Alonso says he has now forgiven Chelsea’s Frank Lampard for the foul that led to his broken ankle and three months on the sidelines.

Alonso was injured during the game against Chelsea on New Year’s Day, and missed the Carling Cup final against Chelsea during his time recovering. Now Liverpool are set to play two more games against Chelsea after being pared together in the Champions League.

Xabi Alonso is an excellent professional in more ways than one. His outstanding passing ability was there for all to see against Tottenham on Saturday. He was outstanding on Wednesday night in Turin as he played his first full 90 minutes since the injury that could have ended his season – and made it look like he’d never been away. Now he’s showing that he bears no grudges.

Lampard can rest easy if he thought that Alonso might take a leaf out of the Roy Keane book of revenge (also known as his autobiography). Alonso wants revenge of a different kind: "I’ve no problem with Frank and to suggest I’ll be looking for revenge when we play Chelsea is crazy. I was upset when I broke my ankle, but these things happen and you must accept it."

The Spaniard revealed that Lampard went out of his way to check on Alonso’s condition: "Frank contacted me to see how I was and we’ve had two good conversations since. I don’t blame him and I don’t think that things like revenge have a place in football. There’s only one thing I want when we play Chelsea, and that is to win the game and get through to the Champions League final."

By sitting in the stands at the Millennium Stadium, Alonso got to see how Chelsea work and how Liverpool may have slipped up. Now he has his chance to help Liverpool overcome the London club.