Gerrard gutted but confident

A touch unhappy to be missing the game against Juventus, Steven Gerrard is going to have to sit at home with a sore groin. Or down the pub. Either way he didn’t fly to Turin, and today he said, “I’m absolutely gutted. It’s devastating to think I won’t be out there with the lads. It’s probably the biggest Liverpool game I’ve missed. I hate watching football when I know I should be out there playing. It will feel like the World Cup in 2002 all over again, having to sit at home watching television.”

There’s less talk these days of the booze bans that had everyone talking during the Gerrard Houllier days, so maybe Stevie can go to the pub to watch the game under the new management. He’s full of hope though: “I’m extremely confident the boys can do it – we need a draw and we’ve got the players capable of getting the right result. I’ll be cheering for them at home.” Ok, so he’s not going to the pub.

He recieved the injury during the defeat in Manchester at the weekend, but was hopeful of a change in the severity of it. He said, “I hoped there would be an improvement yesterday, but it was just the same. It’s a slight groin strain, but that’s enough to keep me out this week. Now we’ll just have to see how it goes before the weekend.”