Rick Parry: Don’t sing, show respect outside the ground

The official Liverpool FC site today carried a message from Rick Parry, containing advice for Liverpool fans travelling to Turin for the Champions League return leg against Juventus.

Reported threats of revenge by Juventus supporters seem to have been taken seriously by the club. The threats had been made on the internet, and would seem only to be from a minority of Juve "supporters". The advice stops short of urging fans not to travel, but basically tells fans to keep a low profile.

The advice, backed up by further advice from the Turin police, recommends fans should not wear any team colours outside the ground, should stay in certain parts of Turin, and avoid at all costs other parts of the city.

Rick Parry’s message was: "I want to praise all our fans who made the first leg at Anfield such a memorable occasion and for the way they welcomed the Juventus fans to Liverpool. We extended the hand of friendship and I hope that those who returned to Turin accepted that the ‘Amicizia’ message was genuine and heartfelt.

"We understand that we could not expect a completely positive response from all the visiting Juventus supporters, but the behaviour of our fans on the night was exemplary.

"Wednesday’s return leg will also be an emotional occasion and we are asking all our supporters who travel to Italy to behave with the same respect and responsibility they showed in Liverpool. Every Liverpool fan in Turin should remember they are an ambassador for the club.

"I’m sure the backing we receive in the Stadio Delle Alpi will be tremendous, but there is a balance to be struck before the game itself in the city.

"Please show restraint and understand that singing and chanting and draping the city centre in Red may be a taken as a lack of respect and an indication that we do not understand the feelings of our hosts.

"We should all recognise the particular circumstances surrounding this tie and avoid any behaviour which could be interpreted as provocative. We have liaised extensively with the appropriate authorities and as with all European away trips a lot of the advice is simple common sense.

"Don’t allow yourself to be provoked, stay in groups and don’t stray off the beaten track. Use designated transport and only buy tickets from Liverpool. The club still has match tickets available for season ticket holders and European Travel Club members so there is no need to buy over the internet or from any other source.

"Finally, based on their considerable expertise, the Turin police have produced some specific advice for travelling fans which we reproduce below."

After 11.00 pm on Wednesday night, there will be no trains out of Turin.

The centre of Turin will be heavily policed especially Corso Viottorio Emanuele II where there are numerous bars and pubs frequented by tourists. Therefore the police recommend that the supporters stay in the centre of town.

They should not go in or around Piazza Lagrange which is just off Piazza Carlo Felice in front of the main railway station (Porto Nuova).

The police advise that supporters should avoid hanging around in small groups in parking areas at, and in the vicinity, of the stadium. It is dangerous to walk around any area of the stadium other than Est 3. The police have informed the taxi companies that supporters should be taken to Settore Est 3 in Strada Altessano. Anyone taking a taxi should make sure they are dropped off at that entrance.

It is advisable not to wear Liverpool colours or scarves when walking around town.