Liverpool 2 Everton 1. Text-summary.

Result:    Liverpool 2 (Gerrard, Luis Garcia)  Everton 1 (Cahill).
                Baros sent off.

Excellent performance by Liverpool, who get into a huddle at the end, as "You’ll never walk alone" rings out around Anfield. If this doesn’t turn Liverpool’s attitudes into a winning attitude until the end of the season then they will never be winners. Playing with 3 players off injured, another one having to stay on injured, then another one sent off. Liverpool played very, very well, but will be glad of the international break to try and fix their wounded team.

90:00 +3:00 It’s all over.
90:00 +2:15 Liv 2 Eve 1. Everton caught offside. Dudek will take his time with the free-kick.
90:00 +1:30 Liv 2 Eve 1. Liverpool holding on, but this is a long 90 seconds remaining.
90:00 +1:00 Liv 2 Eve 1. Carragher clears into touch.
90:00 +0:40 Liv 2 Eve 1. Garcia caught offside.
90:00 Liv 2 Eve 1. Three minutes to be added.
89:00 Liv 2 Eve 1. How much time will be added on? A Liverpool fan holds on to the ball in the crownd and Moyes goes over to retrieve it.
88:00 Liv 2 Eve 1. Hearts racing all round as Everton attack Liverpool’s goal again. Dudek collects the ball to the relief of the reds.
86:50 Liv 2 Eve 1. Ferguson is spoken to by the referee for the fourth time since he came on. Still no card shown.
85:45 Liv 2 Eve 1. Hibbert clatters Smicer. Everton surround the referee, Ferguson tries to pull the referee back. Hibbert booked, linesman on pitch.
84:30 Liv 2 Eve 1. Everton free-kick midway into Liverpool half. Ferguson receives but heads wide.
83:00 Liv 2 Eve 1. Ferguson once again gets away with a foul – this time on Jerzy Dudek. Pistone leaves the pitch to be replaced by Steve Watson, Everton’s final change.
82:00 Liv 2 Eve 1. Liverpool start to flap, with the gap down to 1 goal, Liverpool with one player less on the pitch, and no substitutions left.
81:00 Liv 2 Eve 1. Finnan booked.
81:00 Liv 2 Eve 1. Everton pull one  back – Cahill. Good, well-taken goal, beat Dudek at the near post.
78:00 Liv 2 Eve 0. Liverpool now down to nine-and-a-half men. No subs left. No forward on the pitch now as such – the injured Garcia and Smicer – both attacking midfielders really – are the nearest Liverpool have to a striker on the field.
76:00 Liv 2 Eve 0. Baros sent off. Baros was trying to block the ball, but running at speed his foot was deemed too high by referee Rob Styles. Alan Stubbs was the player "fouled".
75:00 Liv 2 Eve 0. Weir rashly challenges Baros, lucky not to get a second yellow card. Fifteen minutes remain.
74:00 Liv 2 Eve 0. Everton get into the Liverpool box, but waste possession eventually with Kilbane’s ball back into the box going out of play.
72:00 Liv 2 Eve 0. Pistone and Nunez collide, Liverpool get a free-kick near half-way. Nunez thankfully back on his feet again.
71:00 Liv 2 Eve 0. Everton’s first shot on target, from Cahill, saved by Dudek.
70:00 Liv 2 Eve 0. Liverpool seem to have got a second-wind now, but the fact remains that Everton are capable of closing the gap. It’s certainly a lively game, even though Dudek has had very little to do so far.
68:00 Liv 2 Eve 0. Baros, through on goal again, 1 on 1 with Martyn, did really well, but somehow Martyn finds a way of getting his shoelace to the ball to knock it out for a corner. Corner cleared.
66:00 Liv 2 Eve 0. Garcia seems to have shaken off the injury now – or maybe he’s had an injection that’s now kicked in. Carsley penalised for rugby tackle on Biscan.
64:30 Liv 2 Eve 0. Excellent shot from distance by Baros, narrowly over the bar.
63:30 Liv 2 Eve 0. Ferguson spoken to again for throwing his arms into the face of Pellegrino.
62:30 Liv 2 Eve 0. Ferguson penalised for sitting on Carragher in the penalty area.
61:00 Liv 2 Eve 0. Excellent run at goal from Nunez, but Stubbs managed to cut it out.
60:00 Liv 2 Eve 0. Thirty minutes to go and Liverpool as a team are already starting to look tired. Everton now utilising the "long ball" up to Duncan Ferguson. Liverpool will have a tough half hour now against a physical team in Everton.
57:00 Liv 2 Eve 0. Luis Garcia, struggling with injury, is fouled by Cahill, but referee allows play to go on, frustrating Garcia, who gets a talking to from the ref.
55:00 Liv 2 Eve 0. Everton substitution. Duncan Ferguson on for Marcus Bent.
51:00 Liv 2 Eve 0 Gerrard shoots at goal, saved by Martyn, although was going narrowly wide.
50:00 Liv 2 Eve 0 Biscan clean through on goal after Everton slip, stumbles and lets Hibbert clear.
49:00 Liv 2 Eve 0. Biscan shot deflected off Stubbs, collected by Martyn.
47:00 Liv 2 Eve 0. Luis Garcia is on for the second-half, but still looks to be in pain.
45:00 Liv 2 Eve 0. Everton kick-off towards the Kop End.

Second-half. Everton substitution. Joseph Yobo replaced by James Beattie.

Half Time – Liverpool 2 (Gerrard, Luis Garcia) Everton 0.  3 booked for Everton, 4 injured (3 replaced) for Liverpool.

Line-up at the end of 45 minutes: Dudek, Finnan, Carragher, Pellegrino, Warnock,
Gerrard, Hamann, Garcia, Riise
Morientes, Baros.

Subs Brought on – Biscan, Smicer and Nunez.

Garcia injured but not yet replaced (Liverpool have no more subs). Liverpool may have to start second half with 10 men.
When Warnock went off, Riise moved to left-back, Garcia moved to left-wing, Nunez went to right-wing. Biscan was a straight swap for Hamman. Roles of Smicer and Garcia not yet clear due to lateness of replacement and injury to Garcia.

45 minutes  +1:50 Liv 2 Eve  Everton free kick on edge of box. Taken by Carsley, fooled Dudek, but went wide by about 1 foot.
45 minutes +0.45 Osman booked for Everton. Garcia back on the pitch but limping badly.
45 minutes. Liv 2 Eve 0. 2 minutes of added time indicated.
43 minutes. Liv 2 Eve 0. All Liverpool’s subs are used and Luis Garcia is injured and still not on his feet.
42 minutes. Liv 2 Eve 0. Morientes replaced by Smicer.
41 minutes. Liv 2 Eve 0. Morientes off the pitch injured.
40 minutes. Liv 2 Eve 0. Joseph Yobo booked for Everton.
40 minutes. Liv 2 Eve 0. Biscan brought on to replace the injured Hamman.
39 minutes. Liv 2 Eve 0. David Weir booked for foul on Baros.
37 minutes. Liv 2 Eve 0. Hamman down injured with what seems like knee ligament problems. Tries to carry on but is struggling.

31 minutes Liv 2 Eve 0 LUIS GARCIA. Excellent
shot on goal from distance, with power from Morientes, could only be
parried by Martyn – Luis Garcia pounced to head the ball into the back
of the net.

26 minutes. Liv 1 Eve 0 STEVEN GERRARD.
Free kick on the "D", after a foul on Luis Garcia. Taken short by
Hamman to Gerrard, who side-foots the ball into the net to Martyn’s

20 minutes. Liv 0 Eve 0  Warnock leaves the pitch injured (went over on his ankle) – replaced by Nunez.

Match kicks off. Liverpool attacking Kop-end in the first-half.

Starting line-up: Dudek
Finnan, Carragher, Pellegrino, Warnock
Gerrard, Hamann, Garcia, Riise
Morientes, Baros

Subs, Carson, Biscan, Smicer, Nunez, Hyypia.