Doc says Kewell must rest or career will be over

Harry Kewell needs to rest when injured and be brought back to playing
more gradually. His repeated injury problems are down to Liverpool
rushing him back too soon. So says Dutch Physio Andre van Alphen, who
numbers amongst his clients some of the world’s top athletes. van
Aplhen says Kewell is risking his career and needs three months off.

The physio sent a report to
Liverpool and also the Australian FA with recommendations for Kewell’s recovry. 
van Alphen accompanied Kewell – at Kewell’s expense – on a visit to
Australia lastautumn in an attempt to help Kewell get fit for the match
against Solomon Islnads in the  Confederation Nations Cup
play-offs. The physio believed that Kewell was only 90% fit after he
worked with him for a week, but the pressure of the Premier League in
England set him back again.

Recommending that Kewell ends his season now, van Alphen said: "My opinion is for a good conventional treatment period so the
body gets time to heal and recuperate. This will take about three months to full fitness. It is
impossible to recover while playing football."

Although Liverpool pay his wages, the Australian coach (Frank
Farina) thinks that Liverpool aren’t looking after their asset. He
says:   "I saw his comeback game
after seven or eight weeks out and he did quite well but it wasn’t
the Harry of old.He is very frustrated that he can’t perform at his best. What
happens next is a decision for the club to make, the medical staff
and Harry himself."

No comment so far from Anfield.