Chancellor: You’ll win brilliantly

"You are going to win brilliantly on Wednesday."

These were the words of the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Gordon Brown, to Liverpool Football Club earlier today.

If encouragement breeds confidence, and confidence breeds success, then
Liverpool can consider this a boost in their quest for some success
from the current season.

The Chancellor was in Liverpool today, meeting manager Rafa Benitez,
captain Steven Gerrard, and defender Jamie Carragher at the launch of a
new sports development project. The photocall was at a youth club in
Liverpool – Anfield Youth Club – which will benefit from the new
project to the tune of £600,000 thanks to the Barclays Spaces for Sport

According to reports, Mr Benitez had trouble understanding the thick
Scottish accent of Mr Brown, saying, “be careful you talk very quickly”.

If Mr Benitez is still unsure, here’s a translation of Gordon Brown’s
comments: “Some of the Barcelona players are saying that no English
club will get through but you are going to prove them wrong. We are
wishing you all the best. You are going to win brilliantly on

Liverpool are ahead 3-1 going into Wednesday’s second-leg match against
Bayer Leverkusen in Germany. Victory would see them into the