Almunia: Mourinho is “arrogant”

According to a report on the BBC today,  Chelsea manager Jose
Mourinho has been branded as "arrogant" by Arsenal goalkeeper Manuel
Almunia. Almunia was referring to the Chelsea manager’s gesture during
the Carling Cup victory over Liverpool.

Mounrhino was clearly seen with a finger to his lips and certainly
seemed to be aiming this at the Liverpool fans. This was immediately
after the Chelsea equalizer. Mourinho then said it was actually aimed
at the press.  Quite why he needed to face the Liverpool fans
whilst making the gesture to the press, and when the score was still only 1-1, is something beyond us here at

So what did Almunia actually say? Well, he was speaking to the Catalan
newspaper El Mundo Deportivo, and said, "He acted arrogantly. It is
clear that Mourinho believes he is superior to the rest and that his
success has gone to his head."

Almunia thinks Chelsea will be knocked out of the Champions League next
week against Barcelona. He said,  "They (Barcelona) are going to
have problems in the return against Chelsea but I have confidence in
them as they have done well this season."

One thing Liverpool fans have always disliked is arrogance. It seems
Manchester United have got themselves a new rival in that sense.