Finnan supports Gerrard – what about the fans?

Robbie Fowler was able to play game in game out looking
uninterested towards the end of his Anfield career, yet was still
popular to the fans that populate the internet and radio phone-ins.

Michael Owen was classed as past it and uninterested if he went as long
as half a game without a goal, and was criticised for enjoying
representing his country.

Now it seems that Steven Gerrard can do nothing right. The fans that
wanted to have his babies a few weeks back after his winner in the
Champions League kept Liverpool in the competition are now telling him
to go and join Chelsea. Why?

Too many Liverpool fans have become extremely fickle. Most of the
players that turn out for Liverpool now play to the best of their
abilities. Most of the time. If they have games where they don’t play
well, it’s not through want of trying.

If Steven Gerrard wanted to stay at Anfield for the sake of the fans –
which he was one himself once – then that desire is being eroded every
time he doesn’t put in a world-class performance and win the game

There’s a lot of things that aren’t quite right at Anfield at the
moment. This article is not going to go into all of those right now.
The only thing that doesn’t seem to be mentioned nowadays is that
Liverpool fans are turning into the "wrong sort" of fans.

Steve Finnan declared his support of his club captain, in relation to
the own goal. The own goal that many Liverpool fans would have you
believe was done on purpose. Finnan said: "It can happen
to anyone. He’ll bounce back. He is a quality player. I’m sure it won’t affect him."

He added: "He was trying to clear the ball and it could have gone anywhere but it has just gone in off the post."

"There is no-one to blame out there. It is just a bit frustrating that after a good first half we probably didn’t play as well in the second half. And with the set-pieces maybe we could have done better."

Liverpool got through to a final, and lost against a team that was
assembled at a cost that nobody could have imagined coming into
football a couple of years ago during the ITV Digital era. Liverpool
held Chelsea at bay for 80 minutes, but in the end once the own-goal
went in the tired legs were too obvious.

If you like Liverpool, start getting behind them, start supporting your
captain – don’t give him and excuse to leave. And take that chip off
your shoulder.