Welcome to Anfield Road

Welcome to the new-look Anfield Road site. We'll have a better look to
the site soon, but bear with us during this testing phase.

The original blog is still available for the latest news from Anfield – go to anfieldroad.blogspot.com.

Registration on this site is free, and we fully intend it to remain
that way. We intend to fund the hosting costs and so on by advertising,
but we really don't want to be saying "click the links" every day! It's
your choice if you click any links. In most cases the banners and other
ads will open in new windows, so you can order your new mobile phone or
book your holiday, then close that window and get back to finding out
what's going on (or not) at Anfield.

If you do register, we will not sell your email address, nor will we
share it with anyone outside of this group. We may write to you from
time to time with site news and other important stuff, but we've no
plans at the moment for a "regular" newsletter. If that changes we'll
let you know.

One advantage of registration is that you'll have the chance to
contribute articles of your own to the site. We'll moderate them before
they go live, but if we feel you are regularly contributing quality
articles then we may ask you if you'd like to become a voluntary member
of our editorial staff.

There's hundreds of Liverpool FC websites out there at the moment –
some better than others, but many with a "clique" mentality. We don't
want that – we want anyone who comes here to feel welcome. Even
opposition fans are welcome if they've a reasonable level of
intelligence (won't be many of those then!).

Sit back, enjoy, and look forward to the latest Liverpool Football Club site.