Mike Jefferies: Tell Tom Hicks what you think of him

Mike JefferiesAs reported earlier, Mike Jefferies and Dan Hubbard have teamed up to make a film that they are determined will save Liverpool from the troubles it faces because of the ownership and the debt.

They want supporters to come down to town this weekend and get involved and they’ve already got some famous names lined up to take part.

The following message from Mike Jefferies, with some slight pre-watershed editing in case you want to read it at work, explains in more detail what exactly the project is, how quickly it will hit the net and what the motivation for it all is.
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Get in the movies and send a message to LFC owners

The campaign to oust Tom Hicks and George Gillett from their positions as co-owners of Liverpool FC continues to gain momentum.

Hicks and GillettRBS have a decision to make next month: extend the finance or go with the Red majority and take the club out of its owners’ hands.

But that decision will be taken out of the bank’s hands if Tom and George can somehow, from somewhere, find a backer that allows them to refinance and pay RBS off.

So at the same time as campaigning to make sure RBS know what their decision must be, Liverpool supporters are campaigning and working to make sure nobody else comes along, takes pity, and takes the decision away from RBS.

Liverpool fans the world over have helped to push the story under the noses of bank executives across the globe. Last week the story was placed firmly into the faces of literally thousands of US media contacts.

Email has been an important tool. Twitter and Facebook have helped push it that little bit more. Next up – YouTube.

But it’s not going to be just any old YouTube video.

Casting Director Dan Hubbard (King Kong, The Damned United, The Bourne Ultimatum and more) and Hollywood Producer & Director Mike Jefferies are both massive Liverpool supporters. And that means they’ve also had just about enough of the situation too. And they’re going to do something about it.

But, as with every part of this whole campaign, they need your help.

Are you in Liverpool this weekend? Can you be in Liverpool this weekend?

They’re making a film, they want it to go viral, they want you to star in it.

It’s not just about the famous faces they’ve approached to join in, it’s about all fans – all fans who want an end to this nightmare.

Get yourself down to the Hope Street Hotel in town this weekend.

Saturday: 10am-6pm.
Sunday: 9am-Noon.

It won’t take long – unless there’s a queue. And it’ll be a queue worth joining.

Don’t forget, there’s a game being played on Sunday, with a protest before, during and after, but if you can spare some extra time and make it to the hotel during those times it could literally be the difference between success and failure.

Success is a move towards getting our club back. Failure – forget failure. We’ll win this one – because we’re all getting together to make sure we do.

The twelfth man isn’t just the Kop for this. It’s all of us, wherever we are.

If you absolutely can’t get involved this weekend don’t worry. You’ll be needed when the movie is done. You’ll be needed to help spread the word.

But do what you can to get down.

And do what you can to spread the word.

We will get our club back.

Fans would risk 9-point loss in return for new Reds owners

Last Friday Anfield Road ran a poll asking Liverpool supporters to answer a question about the future of the club.

We asked: “With the Broughton/BarCap sale process failing and c£300m RBS debt almost due, LFC and its fans are faced with two distinct possibilities. What’s your preference?”

There were two choices for an answer:

“1) Hicks and Gillett retain control via refinance or RBS extension.”


“2) RBS take temporary control of the club on the proviso the club is passed on, as soon as practicable, to a responsible owner (this carries with it the possibility of LFC being placed into administration and a 9pt penalty being imposed by the Premier League).”
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Liverpool FC – Ownership Poll

Liverpool fans are not exactly having a good time of it right now, with results not going the way we’d like and the future ownership of the club remaining unclear. The following poll has just two choices for you to vote on and there isn’t a “none of the above” option. But please vote anyway.

With the Broughton/BarCap sale process failing and c£300m RBS debt almost due, LFC and its fans are faced with two distinct possibilities. What’s your preference?

1) Hicks and Gillett retain control via refinance or RBS extension

2) RBS take temporary control of the club on the proviso the club is passed on, as soon as practicable, to a responsible owner (this carries with it the possibility of LFC being placed into administration and a 9pt penalty being imposed by the Premier League).
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Liverpool fan protests heard around the world

Liverpool’s awful start to the season under new manager Roy Hodgson will not be the reason for protests at Anfield tomorrow. Despite the growing doubts about his abilities people rightly say he needs more time – well he’s going to get it. We’ve got other things to deal with.

Liverpool are in a mess. Banners and chants will make the message clear; a sit in afterwards will drive the message home to any stragglers still not quite getting the massive hints.

It’s a protest against the owners, the board, the banks and anyone else who has played or is still playing a part in the mess. Continue reading Liverpool fan protests heard around the world

Did Purslow put fans truly in the picture?

Christian Purslow finally made his long-awaited appearance on Liverpool’s official TV channel earlier today, answering questions sent in by supporters some time ago.

It was a chance for him to show fans that the club was being run day-to-day by a leader they could trust. Someone with integrity, someone who wouldn’t tell lies or answer questions in a way he knew was some distance away from being fully open and honest.

One of the most trivial of those questions was about a mural.

He was asked: “Was a mural depicting our amazing Champions League final triumph ripped down from a wall at Melwood to remove any trace of Rafa from the club’s history?”

His answer: “Absolutely not. I can’t say I’m an expert on how we decorate any walls anywhere in our buildings as I do have plenty of other things on my plate, but I have checked. The reality is there was a mural and it was changed to reflect our new shirt sponsor and I’m delighted to say Rafa is smack bang in the middle of it with the Champions League trophy as he should be, celebrating a fantastic night in the club’s history. We celebrate our past; we don’t hide it or are not embarrassed about it.”

Celebrating our past is just about all we can celebrate as supporters of Liverpool Football Club. It’s our present we’re embarrassed about. And those words were written before tonight’s Carling Cup tie against Northampton. Continue reading Did Purslow put fans truly in the picture?

Have you still got your 80s hats?

We wrote recently about a film currently in production for the new Museum of Liverpool. The new museum is nearing completion and is expected to open next year. More details of the the film will be released in due course but it will feature the exploits of Liverpool FC.

The producers are still looking for some items from the 80s, if you can provide any of them please contact us and we’ll put you in touch with the producers.

They are now looking for:

Liverpool fan hats from 80s cup finals (1986 in particular)
Any memorabilia flags / hats / badges etc from the 1986 FA Cup Final
80s LFC posters, bedlinen, or any other items that would have been in an 80s kids’ LFC bedroom.

The main item they need is a hat that is the Liverpool equivalent of the blue runners-up hate in the image below, even a plain one will be of use to them as long as it’s of the style worn to cup finals of the 80s.

FA Cup 1986 - hats wanted

LFC supporter patience runs out, direct action planned

With continuing uncertainty about the future of Liverpool Football Club, silence from the board since August 14th about the sales process they had said was likely to be complete by the end of August and evidence that fans were misled about the true role of Barcap in this process it should come as little surprise that many fans really do now feel that enough is enough.

Whether anger is being aimed in the right direction or not is a topic that gets a certain amount of debate, but in reality with so little actually being said on the record nobody has the right to complain about being targeted with that anger. Fans find themselves in a position where they need to decipher the telling of a story in one paper to see how much of it might be true and how much of it might be made up, juiced up or toned down.

The lack of any on-record statement and the absence of any interview with any member of the club’s hierarchy about the progress of the sales process and the position of the club as the October deadline draws nearer means that fans have every right to be angry.

Patience and understanding was offered. In return we continued to be treated with contempt. Continue reading LFC supporter patience runs out, direct action planned

Reds face bigger threat than today’s old enemies

Liverpool are in a transitional period, new manager Roy Hodgson needs to be given more time to settle into the job, players were late back from the World Cup and either aren’t fully fit are haven’t been to enough training sessions for Roy to really know them yet.

They are just some of the reasons put forward to try and explain an awful start to Liverpool’s league season; those reasons are rapidly becoming excuses.

When the manager himself uses them it seems all the more worrying, but that is how Liverpool boss Roy Hodgson spoke after today’s 3-2 defeat at Old Trafford against one the club’s old enemies. Dimitar Berbatov’s hat-trick meant Steven Gerrard’s brace counted for nothing, although it at least kept the club’s goal-difference at ‘just’ -3 from the opening five games.

Hodgson said: “We are certainly in a transitional period. I don’t think it needs to be negative; sometimes they can be very good for a club. Certainly the task has been complicated by the fact I didn’t get a chance to work with the players because of the World Cup and with the Europa qualifiers starting so early, we were thrown into the deep end of competitive football.”

He also spoke of what was to come, what the targets were: “Our aim is to get better. Our aim is still to try and get to the Champions League, maybe that’s where I need to have my focus. If we are good enough to get into the top four, who knows, maybe we can get closer to the number one position. I won’t say we can’t do it, nor will I say we can do it.”

In reality nobody expects a title challenge from Liverpool this season. This season there is an air that survival is the target. Not league survival, but survival as a team that might one day be able to challenge for the title again. Survival in the sense of not letting the gap between this club and Chelsea grow any wider than it already is. Hodgson will be well aware of this.
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Man Utd v Liverpool – Cole returns

Roy Hodgson’s Liverpool side travel to Old Trafford hoping to build on their 4-1 win in the Europa Cup during the week and to get back on track for the fight for a Champions League place.

Gone for now, it seems, are the days where Liverpool could consider themselves as one of Manchester United’s title rivals, all the talk now is about trying to get into the top four and back into next season’s top European competition.

League tables mean very little so early in the season but with Liverpool going into the game one point above the relegation places a win is vital to avoid a situation where the Reds are nearer that zone than the top four when the table does start to becoming meaningful. It’s also vital for morale, beating one of the club’s main enemies puts a smile on all the fans’ faces, smiles that are hard to find these days because of the endless stream of depressing news relating to what’s going on off the pitch.

At a club where rumours are a constant presence it was no surprise to see Roy Hodgson’s team line up exactly as rumoured over the past couple of days.

The back four is what seems to be Roy Hodgson’s favoured four, Johnson and Konchesky at full-back and Carragher and Skrtel in the middle. No surprise to see Fernando Torres up front, he seems to enjoy playing against United’s new captain Vidic and today may see him show why it’s crazy to write him off.

How Roy chooses to line up the rest of the team remains to be seen, but Poulsen and Meireles are likely to start in central midfield with Cole (back from suspsension) and Maxi taking up wider positions. That would leave captain Steven Gerrard to play in the role he did so well in the 2008-09 season in support of Nando.

Manchester United: 1 Van der Sar, 3 Evra, 15 Vidic, 22 O’Shea, 23 Evans, 11 Giggs, 17 Nani, 18 Scholes, 24 Fletcher, 9 Berbatov, 10 Rooney
Subs: 29 Kuszczak, 6 Brown, 12 Smalling, 8 Anderson, 28 Gibson, 7 Owen, 27 Macheda

Liverpool: 25 Reina, 2 G Johnson, 3 Konchesky, 23 Carragher, 37 Skrtel, 4 Raul Meireles, 8 Gerrard, 10 Cole, 17 Maxi, 28 C Poulsen, 9 Torres
Subs: 1 Jones, 5 Agger, 16 Kyrgiakos, 21 Lucas, 14 Jovanovic, 19 Babel, 24 Ngog