Takeover is not imminent says Parry

The two main stories on the TV news last night will have had Liverpool supporters pricking up their ears. The BBC’s Panorama programme exposing “bungs” and tapping up in English football was explosive enough to be top story on at least the BBC’s news programmes, but thankfully the names featured involved clubs like Bolton, Portsmouth and Chelsea. One name that did stand out in that programme was Peter Harrison, the Newcastle based agent that Liverpool would have been speaking to towards the end of the transfer window, as he represents Blackburn’s Lucas Neill. Obviously that story has a long way to run yet.

The other story was regarding the military coup in Thailand, where the Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra was overthrown in his absence. Shinawatra was one of the many names mentioned in recent years as a potential investor in Liverpool FC. Whether he’d have got close enough to actually buy any part of the club will never be known, but an outcry in his own country about the fact he seemed to be planning to use public money for his plan soon brought it all to an end. Obviously he’s got far more important things on his mind now than buying a football club, which is just as well really from Liverpool’s point of view.

Whether it was just a coincidence or not I’m not sure, but no sooner had Shinawatra been ousted by his own people than the local newspaper in Liverpool was doing a big feature on investment at Anfield. In fact they were heralding big things happening this week at the club, hinting than an Anfield takeover was imminent.

The printed version of the Daily Post, like the electronic version, had a headline that screamed: “Millionaires battle to takeover Liverpool FC”. The suggestion was that things really had started to move, and there were numerous reports supporting this.

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Benitez and Warnock say season is far from over

Stephen Warnock and Rafa Benítez have been sharing their views on the end of Liverpool’s league season. The Reds’ defeat at the hands of Chelsea on Sunday means it is now impossible for the 18-times champions to add that long-awaited number 19 league title to their long honours list.

At least that’s what some would have you think.

According to Warnock and Benítez though it’s far from over yet – and that’s how most people who support the Reds will feel. It’s not going to be easy, but to write the league off already is a little premature. That said, tomorrow night’s visit of Newcastle must end with the points going to Liverpool if the confidence isn’t going to slip away completely.

Warnock says that the game against the Toon Army can’t come soon enough: “We've all heard and read what people have been saying about our chances and it just makes us more determined to prove everyone wrong. As soon as the final whistle went on Sunday, we'd all have happily gone back out and played Newcastle there and then just to get another game going.”

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Torture – LFC on the box with a boxing commentator

Armchair review.
I can see it being tough to watch this game on TV today. That’s regardless of how the game itself pans out, I’m referring to the crap coming from the mouths of those paid by Sky TV.
Andy Gray has decided that should Liverpool or Arsenal lose today they can kiss goodbye to the league. […]
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I wanted to hit Pete when I found out about the drugs…says … – ic Liverpool

I wanted to hit Pete when I found out about the drugs…says
ic Liverpool, UK – 34 minutes ago
he could about it in the press. He had asked 'Nanny Liverpool' to go to Anfield and say a prayer for the victims of the disaster.

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