The Anfield Road Archives

Welcome to Anfield Road – well, to the old version of it.

This is where all the old posts are kept, to help keep the main site running as smoothly as possible. Which isn’t always all that smoothly, as it happens, but imagine how bad it would be if all this stuff was there too.

These are the pages where you can find how we saw things happen around the time of Istanbul, Hicks and Gillett’s arrival, Rafa’s sacking, Roy Hodgson’s appointment (it really happened) and the start of Kenny’s second era as boss.

It all ends at the end of a transfer window and with us full of hope and excitement for the fun a new season would bring. Pretty much the way all transfer windows end really. This particular season ended with a cup, but of course none of that is here.

Anfield Road is a Liverpool FC fan site that is free of charge to read and free of any instructions from the club or newspaper editors about what to write and when. We don’t write what we write to get hits or clicks, we don’t write what we write to help us get exclusive interviews via the club’s PR department. We write about the club as we see it – the good, the bad and the ugly.

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